Shine 360 Women

What is Shine 360 Women?

Shine360Women is a free online global community established to support and empower the aspirational woman of faith in her purpose journey. Hundreds of women from across the globe have connected by the common desire to reflect God’s light full circle in their lives- in faith, purpose, family and profession. Keitra established this community to help expand access to periodic personal and professional development trainings, inspirational encouragement, and faith-based empowerment for women in all facets of their journey. The group is built on a spirit of sisterhood and women benefit from consistent empowerment monthly from Keitra and the Shine360Women Empowerment and Leadership team- a diverse group of gifted, women leaders who are committed to serving the community in excellence and with value. The annual Shine360 Empowerment Summit, regular empowerment prayer, and a positive uplifting community are additional benefits available only through the community.

If this sounds like an opportunity that could serve you, then come join us and bring your sunshine into the room! Just click the button to be taken to our Facebook group page where you can request to join the Shine360Women community. Can’t wait to meet you there!

Matthew 5:16

 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.