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Keitra Robinson is an award-winning speaker, author, formally trained coach, certified Human Behavior Consultant and founder of Justinspire Legends™ LLC, a personal and professional development company.  Keitra’s niche is helping aspirational women of faith thrive in their purpose, person and profession. She is the author of the inspirational book, “Life Re-Imagined: From Frustrated to Fulfilled” which provides fresh insights and strategies for women to harness the power of vision in their personal and professional lives and strategically re-imagine those visions along the way to lead their most vibrant, authentic, and purposeful journeys.

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“Our training exceeded all my expectations! The way she engaged the team and drew in everyone to connect with the teaching was awesome! Her teaching aids further made the lessons immediately practical – the team had implemented chunks of what she taught amongst themselves before she was out the door! We are looking forward to more training by her! Thank you so much Keitra for helping us connect the dots so we elevate seamlessly on our individual personal development journey so we can impact our patient’s lives!”

– Dr. Tejumade St. Matthew-Daniel
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I have never worked with a motivational coach before and always thought that this was an unnecessary thing in life. However, when I met Keitra through our charity The Gift of Life, I started to understand what she did and the importance of her work. She became my coach for the Mrs. Florida America pageant and the information that she provided in only our first session, was enough to motivate me and teach me where I need to be. I cannot wait for my next sessions!!! If you need a coach, look no further because this here is a woman that knows what yhou need in your life to succeed as a business and as a person. I HIGHLY recommend Keitra and the services that she offers to help you be successful.” 

– Rosie Moore, Mrs. Windermere of the Mrs. America Pageant System

“Wow! Thank you so much for speaking with the Pearls of Heritage. Your insightful, inspiring, delivery was amazing!! You spoke to them in a way that each girl was touched, saw themselves, and were motivated and inspired to go out and make their “mark” on the world. I can honestly say, each of them truly feel that they have a gift, uniquely their own, and excited to see how God will make room for it. The interactive demonstration they participated in really gave them a clear visual of how one person can make a difference in the lives of many.”

-Tomeka Collier, Founder, Pearls of Heritage Inc.

“Keitra has remained one of the most dedicated and loyal people I know.  I have personally experienced Keitra’s heart for people and her gift to uplift, inspire and penetrate the hearts of everyone she comes in contact with.  In every challenge and obstacle life has brought to me, she has been there coaching and encouraging  me every step of the way.  She has been walking in her calling long before she knew to call it “Life Coaching”.  Anyone who ever has the opportunity to be mentored by her, coached by her or befriended by her is truly blessed!”

-Endyia Kinney-Sterns, Oprah Winfrey Network

“Keitra is a phenomenal speaker.  Her journey will inspire and motivate you and install a passion to follow your vision! #BeGreatOnPurpose”

-Kendra Roberts, Esq.

“I had the privilege of being coached by Keitra on several topics from living more intentionally (time management) to cultivating meaningful friendships to name a few.  In the process of our coaching sessions, Keitra brought her unique ability to “cut to the chase”, and get to the heart of the matter sometimes helping me see that what seemed like the issue I was dealing with was actually a deeper issue that I wasn’t even aware of.  She was so encouraging, gentle and uplifting in our conversations.  Keitra’s walk with God shines through in her Spirit-led coaching style.  She really made me feel I could accomplish my goals, and I did!  And I even had fun doing it! I would highly recommend Keitra as a coach and friend to anyone who is considering coaching.  You will be blessed by her genuine, loving Spirit and her natural coaching abilities.”

-Jennifer Anderson

This book journey has been an amazing experience.  The book is enlightening and filled with God experiences, God tools and Holy Spirit led strategic guidance.  I am/will forever be blessed by the journey!

-LaSandra Hill-Coleman, Amazon Book Review

Life Re-imagined: From frustrated to fulfilled is LIFE CHANGING!! I had the honor to be chosen as an ambassador for this book and received an advanced copy to preview.  I have told so many about it. Ladies, if you are in need of direction in your life to lead you to your purpose through Christ, this is the book for you! Keitra has designed a masterpiece to guide your “whole life”. It doesn’t matter where you think you are in life, it is where your willing to go.

-Amber Mouton, Amazon Book Review

“Keitra is an energizing and inspiring motivational speaker. It is no easy feat to engage a room of 1,000 people as she did at the 2016 CCWC conference with riveting narratives that encouraged listeners to summon their best selves to overcome adversity, pursue their dreams and goals and to have gratitude for their blessings. Thanks to Keitra, all left optimistic that they could be great on purpose!”

-Debra Hunter Johnson, President, Reciprocity Consulting

Online Coaching Resources

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“Life Re-Imagined: From Frustrated to Fulfilled” is a freshly insightful book to equip and inspire women to life their most vibrant, purpose-filled lives!

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Finding the right fit for your coaching journey is an important consideration. Your readiness to commit to your re-imagined journey is equally important.  Learn more about what a coaching experience could look like for you and explore more of Keitra’s unique coaching style and training through a complimentary coaching discovery call.  Get inspired. Lead with excellence. Serve with purpose.

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