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Executive Coach

Keitra’s executive and leadership coaching practice focuses on helping women leaders achieve their goals and reflect excellence in their spheres of influence through a private one-on-one relationship. Keitra’s coaching philosophy in the executive and leadership context is that the collaborative work towards advancing success in the workplace through the coaching relationship is most often a work in tandem with advancing goals and experiences personally and in life.  With that, Keitra’s coaching approach is holistic and blends her training as a formally trained coach, her skill as a leadership presence strategist, her certification as a human behavior consultant and her personal experiences as a woman leader in demanding legal and entrepreneurial spaces to offer comprehensive foundations to best serve her clients.

Keitra’s professional coach training is founded on principles aligned with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) which is considered the gold standard in the coaching industry. Because traditional coaching most often is cultivated through telephonic means, distance and location is not a barrier to successful coaching and outcomes for those considering partnership through the coaching relationship.

Keitra is also a professionally trained Christian Life Coach and offers this unique training along with her intuitive gifts to walk along side clients seeking a unique blend of substantive skill with foundations and coaching that will draw from and align with their faith values.

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Leadership Presence Strategist

Align your presence with your potential! Your leadership presence is about the message you telegraph to others and how you communicate your capacity to align with next level opportunity.  It’s about how you really show up and are perceived  by those around you.  As a leadership presence strategist, Keitra provides insights and customized coaching in this niche. She provides empowerment and strategy on communicating and relating to others from your strengths with use of proven behavioral science foundations, how to engage, identify and hone your unique brilliance proposition as a leader, how to command a room as a communicator and presenter, and how to model an energy and presence as a leader that will help to establish your winning personal leadership brand. Please contact Keitra here to schedule a free discovery call to learn more about her leadership presence consultation services.

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