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Certified Personal and Executive Coach

As a faith-based personal and executive coach, Keitra’s unique practice integrates faith foundations with professional coaching and positive psychology strategy for personalized and transformative journeys.  Keitra’s niche is helping women of faith thrive as leaders in their faith, person, purpose, and profession,  In so doing, her practice has served a diversity of women leaders from Arkansas to Africa, from corporate executives to ministry leaders, and from new mothers to grandmothers.

Purposes for seeking the support of coaching are many and unique to each individual.  But a few examples of ways Keitra’s practice has supported clients is helping them clarify and excavate purpose and vision, accelerate goals, operate in more fulfilling and aligned realms, navigate transition, up-level leadership presence and effectiveness, and navigate new ventures. Regardless of the coaching agenda facilitated by Coach Keitra, it is the signature of the practice and the expectation of the parties that the journey and outcomes are ultimately Holy Spirit led.

Keitra’s coaching philosophy in the executive and leadership context is that the collaborative work towards advancing success in the workplace through the coaching relationship is most often a work in tandem with advancing goals and experiences personally and in life.  In other words, the strength of leadership is founded on the strength of one’s life.  Therefore, Keitra’s leadership coaching approach is holistic and blends her training as both a personal and executive coach, her skill as a leadership presence strategist, her certification as a human behavior consultant and her personal experiences as a woman leader in demanding legal and entrepreneurial spaces.

Keitra has taken care to compliment her experiential foundations with solid training and mentorship with regarded leaders in the coaching profession.  She has earned certification as a personal and executive coach with comprehensive training in principles of positive psychology through the CaPP Institute of Coaching and Positive Pyschology- a program founded and led by Master Coach and international personal development author, Valorie Burton.  Keitra has also trained under Master Coach Janice Fletcher, the founder of Christian Coach Institute, and completed both the Christian Coach and Human Behavior Consultant certification programs of the Institute. All of Keitra’s training has been aligned with International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited programs, with the ICF highly regarded as the gold standard for coaching excellence.

Keitra obtained her Bachelor’s of Science degree from N.C. Central University and has obtained both a Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (Conflict Resolution and Mediation) and her Juris Doctorate degree from Pepperdine University School of Law. Professionally she has years of experience as a legal professional, organizational leader, and business professional.  Keitra is a published author and teacher in areas of personal development, leadership, and faith development.

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Leadership Presence Strategist

Align your presence with your potential! Your leadership presence is about the message you telegraph to others and how you communicate your capacity to align with next level opportunity.  It’s about how you really show up and are perceived  by those around you.  As a leadership presence strategist, Keitra provides insights and customized coaching in this niche. She provides empowerment and strategy on communicating and relating to others from your strengths with use of proven behavioral science foundations, how to engage, identify and hone your unique brilliance proposition as a leader, how to command a room as a communicator and presenter, and how to model an energy and presence as a leader that will help to establish your winning personal leadership brand. Please contact Keitra here to schedule a free discovery call to learn more about her leadership presence consultation services.


“Our training exceeded all my expectations! The way she engaged the team and drew in everyone to connect with the teaching was awesome! Her teaching aids further made the lessons immediately practical – the team had implemented chunks of what she taught amongst themselves before she was out the door! We are looking forward to more training by her! Thank you so much Keitra for helping us connect the dots so we elevate seamlessly on our individual personal development journey so we can impact our patient’s lives!”

– Dr. Tejumade St. Matthew-Daniel
All about Beautiful Smiles Dentistry

I have never worked with a motivational coach before and always thought that this was an unnecessary thing in life. However, when I met Keitra through our charity The Gift of Life, I started to understand what she did and the importance of her work. She became my coach for the Mrs. Florida America pageant and the information that she provided in only our first session, was enough to motivate me and teach me where I need to be. I cannot wait for my next sessions!!! If you need a coach, look no further because this here is a woman that knows what you need in your life to succeed as a business and as a person. I HIGHLY recommend Keitra and the services that she offers to help you be successful.” 

– Rosie Moore, Mrs. Windermere of the Mrs. America Pageant System

“Wow! Thank you so much for speaking with the Pearls of Heritage. Your insightful, inspiring, delivery was amazing!! You spoke to them in a way that each girl was touched, saw themselves, and were motivated and inspired to go out and make their “mark” on the world. I can honestly say, each of them truly feel that they have a gift, uniquely their own, and excited to see how God will make room for it. The interactive demonstration they participated in really gave them a clear visual of how one person can make a difference in the lives of many.”

“I leave each session with tools, sound thinking, and constructive habits that help me dream big and stay within the boundaries of conscious living. She has helped me dream big, gain mental victories, and put my life in proper perspective. I so thank God for her and would recommend her EVERY SINGLE DAY and minute to anyone who’s ready for NEXT LEVEL LIVING!
– Tyra Eckwood
Founder, Kingdom Women Inc.

“…At the end of my coaching sessions, I can say that my life is more balanced, more connected to purpose and God and tremendously more fulfilling.  I cannot thank her for this priceless gift of a renewed spirit and zeal for living a life of abundance according to God’s word.”

– Yvonne Fiadjoe, Esq.
Senior Attorney, Accra Ghana

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