I thought today I would introduce to you a living “Legend” that I have the privilege to know very well! Everyone meet my youngest son, Legend! I am sure I am just a tad biased but know that he brings just as much sunshine with him in person as his picture might suggest.

What many find remarkable to know is that Legend was born just 1 pound 7 ounces. Yep, you read it right…that wasn’t a typo…born one pound at just 25 weeks into my pregnancy. To give some perspective, he was due March 2009 but was born in November 2008! What’s even more remarkable is that despite all that he had to overcome by reason of his degree of prematurity, he is completely healthy and without any residual effects from his past. God’s grace met us and continues to meet us generously!

But recently, Legend caught what seemed to be a common cold. It soon progressed and was accompanied by a yucky, barking cough. In fact, it got concerning enough that we visited his doctor just to be sure there wasn’t more to the story. But where this gets interesting for both you and for me is that after being evaluated by the doctor, Legend was diagnosed with asthma. The diagnosis connected dots all the way to his trauma at birth and the lung damage from respirators that were used to help keep his little body alive. Although he was treated and released by a fabulous team of pulmonary specialists for those lung issues as a baby, it still was very logical, and very reasonable a diagnosis given the severity and uniqueness of his history. The problem was that the prescribed protocols that were influenced by his past were ineffective. His issue turned out to be much simpler a diagnosis and treatment after all. His past story influenced present perceptions.

The Legendary lesson here is that, both personally and professionally, we must demand out of ourselves and others that responses, mindsets, choices, and plans are built around our present deliverance and not our past trauma- our present growth and not our former deficiencies- our present vision and not our former confusion. The shift is that we learn from our pain but are not defined by it.

One of the more recurring matters that I find meets us in the midst of coaching journeys for clients in seasons of transition is their own perspectives and mindsets catching up with present seasons and evolution. Seasons of elevation require new elevated perspectives where we gain wisdom from our past but not choose consistent with that past. Past failures, past positions, past circumstances, past environments can shroud thinking that is aligned with and consistent with the present season. It’s a real process in new habit formations and realignment in our journeys and it takes identification, realignment, and practice!

So, in what ways might your current mindsets and perspectives need to shift from alignment with past experiences, hardships or your former story in order to support more successful outcomes?

Greatness is your destiny, Kingdom is your calling, Victory is your choice!

Choose powerfully! You’ve got this!

Coach Keitra

Legend Robinson aka @LegendTheMotivator, IG